Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QuEBS, 2013)

We hosted the 5th International Workshop on Quantum Effects in Biological Systems, held June 29th – July 3rd 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

Recordings of selected conference talks can be viewed here.

Click here to download the conference poster

The meeting covered the latest developments in quantum phenomena in biological systems and chemical structures central to life. The meeting was held at the Vienna Bio Campus (VBC) and was attended by about 100 participants. By choosing this venue, we intended to bring together the international experts in this emerging field with biologists and researchers working on the development of new bio-sensing and probing techniques. We chose this format to further engage the biology community and provide a stimulating environment for physicists and chemists for discussions. The meeting consisted of a mix of keynote, invited (40+5 min) and contributed (20+5 min) presentations as well as a poster session covering a variety of topics including:

(1) Energy transfer in photosynthesis

(2) Recent and Emerging systems

(3) Quantum Biology for Biologist

(4) Fundamental open biological questions

(5) Quantum based approaches and techniques for biology

(6) Emerging techniques for quantum biology

Among the confirmed invited speakers of this year are:

Anton Zeilinger (Keynote) – University of Vienna & IQOQI
Markus Arndt – University of Vienna
Alan Aspuru-Guzik – Harvard University
Hans Briegel – University of Innsbruck
Greg Engel – University of Chicago
Joachim Heberle – Freie Universität Berlin
Peter Hore – University of Oxford
Susana Huelga – University of Ulm
David Keays – Institute of Molecular Pathology
Philipp Kukura – University of Oxford
Massimo Olivucci – Univ. di Siena & Bowling Green State Univ.
Masoud Mohseni – MIT & BBN Technologies
Henrik Mouritsen – University of Oldenburg
Yasser Omar – Technical University of Lisbon
Martin Plenio – University of Ulm
Markus Raschke – University of Colorado
Arno Rauschenbeutel – Vienna University of Technology
Makis Skoulakis – Alexander Fleming Research Center
Jörg Wrachtrup University of Stuttgart
Birgitta Whaley – University of California, Berkeley
Fred Wolf – Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization