New publication in Nature Methods

Our recent paper on “Simultaneous whole-animal 3D imaging of neuronal activity using light-field microscopy” was published today in Nature Methods. Using light-field deconvolution microscopy for functional biological imaging, we were able to simultaneous  record the activity of the entire nervous system of C. elegans and showed whole brain imaging in zebrafish larvae at 20Hz volume rate.  Click here for further information.

QUEBS Conference 2013

This year we had the honor to host the annual Quantum Effects in Biological Systems Workshop covering the latest developments in quantum phenomena in biological systems and chemical structures central to life. The meeting was held June 29th – July 3rd 2013 at the Bio Center Campus in Vienna. Pictures of the event can be requested from christoph[dot]goetz[at]imp[dot]ac[dot]at.


New Group Members

We welcome our new groupmembers David Wartmann and Moritz Numrich with background in biophysics and quantumphysics. They will support the group in our ongoing experiments on quantum biophysics, optogenetics and circuit neuroscience.

HFSP grant for the Vaziri group

The award of an Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) program grant to Alipasha Vaziri was announced recently. We congratulate Alipasha on his success in this highly competitive global selection process. The project, entitled ‘In vivo functional imaging and high-resolution manipulations of hippocampal memory circuits’ will be investigated jointly with collaborators from the University of Strasbourg as well as Columbia University in New York and the University of Texas. The HFSP offers research support to promote intercontinental collaboration and training in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in the life sciences. The applicants involved physicists, neuroscientists, molecular biologists and chemists and only 33 grantholders were chosen from 800 applicants.