“MiniLFM” published in Nature Methods

Our paper entitled “High-speed volumetric imaging of neuronal activity in freely moving rodents” has been published in Nature Methods.

We present a head-mounted miniaturized light-field microscope (MiniLFM) capable of capturing neuronal network activity within a volume of 700 × 600 × 360 µm at 16 Hz frame rate in the hippocampus of freely moving mice. We demonstrate that neurons as close as ~15 µm to each other and at depths up to 360 µm can be discriminated. MiniLFM is based on Light Field Microscopy (LFM), a 3D imaging technique that our group has established in a previous publication as a versatile neural recording technique, and the Seeded Iterative Demixing (SID) algorithm, which we presented recently, and which extends LFM into more strongly scattering tissue such as the mammalian cortex.

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Please also have a look at the press release of the Rockefeller University.