VBC Art&Science Contest 2014 winner from the Vaziri lab

Friederike Schlumm and Christoph Götz from the Vaziri lab won together with Isabel Grießhammer (IMBA) the VBC Art&Science Contest with their video:

“Incubate over night”

Incubation is a widely used method in research. Nevertheless, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. In this project we aimed to visualize this crucial process. We therefore applied the imaging technique “stop-motion” to study an overnight incubation. Our results reveal new insights into scientific experiments.

Four teams participated, with four terrific art pieces, which were exhibited in our Cafeteria, and the VBCers were voting for the best piece.

See the other art pieces at: http://www.vbcphdprogramme.at/current-students/art-science-contest/