Group Members and Contact Details

We are an interdisciplinary group of physicists, neuroscientists, structural biologists and physical chemists with expertise ranging from quantum optics to protein engineering. We are interested in fundamental questions at the intersection between biology and physics and development of new structural and functional methods for studying biological questions.

Group Leader Alipasha Vaziri

Prof. Dr. Alipasha Vaziri

phone : 1-212-327 7993
email: vaziri[at]rockefeller[dot]edu

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Lab manager

Jordan Sese

phone: 1-212-327 7994
email: vaziriadmin[at]rockefeller[dot]edu



Dr. Tobias Nöbauer

phone 1-212-327 7926
email: tnobauer[at]rockefeller[dot]edu


Dr. Qian Lin

phone: 1-212-327 7996
email: qlin[at]rockefeller[dot]edu


Dr. Siegfried Weisenburger

phone: 1-212-327 7995
email: weisenburger[at]rockefeller[dot]edu


Dr. Maxim Molodtsov

phone: +43 1 79730 3549
email: maxim[dot]molodtsov[at]univie[dot]ac[dot]at


Dr. Minggui Chen

phone 1-212-327 7995
email: mchen02[at]rockefeller[dot]edu


PhD students

Oliver Skocek, MSc.

phone 1-212-327 7926
email: oskocek[at]rockefeller[dot]edu

Francisca Martinez Traub, MSc.

phone 1-212-327 7995
email: fmartinezt[at]rockefeller[dot]edu

Friederike Schlumm, MSc.

phone +43 1 79730 3549
email: friederike[dot]schlumm[at]imp[dot]ac[dot]at


Visiting Scientist

Ren Zhicheng, BSc.

phone +43 1 79730 3549
email: ren[dot]zhicheng[at]imp[dot]ac[dot]at


  • Dr. Michael Taylor
  • Christoph Goetz, MSc
  • Dr. Robert Prevedel, now group leader at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Dr. Alejandro J. Pernía-Andrade
  • Lukas Weilguny, BSc.
  • Johannes Leitner, BSc.
  • David Cisneros, PhD., now at IMP in Vienna, Austria
  • Martin Frank, Dipl. Ing.
  • Magdalena Helmreich, Dipl. Ing., now at Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH
  • Stephanie Walcher, BSc.
  • Jonathan Tinsley, MSc.
  • Maximilian Hoffmann, MSc.
  • Peter Rupprecht, MSc., now PhD student at FMI in Basel, Switzerland
  • David Wartman, MSc.
  • Aimee Gunther, BSc.
  • Ugur Sezer, BSc.
  • Elie Fink, MSc.
  • Moritz Numrich, MSc.
  • Michael Wong, BSc.
  • Philip Schmiedhofer, BSc.
  • Antonio Orgaz, BSc.
  • Tahereh Setayesh, BSc.
  • Marie Synakiewicz, MSc.