New Nature Publication online

We are happy to announce, that David Cisneros – a shared Postdoc of our group and the lab of Jan-Michael Peters at the IMP Vienna – has contributed to a recent Nature publication which sheds light on the organization of chromosome structure and segregation:

Wapl is an essential regulator of chromatin structure and chromosome segregation

These findings reveal that the stability of cohesin–DNA interactions is an important determinant of chromatin structure, and indicate that cohesin has an architectural role in interphase chromosome territories.

QUEBS Conference 2013

This year we had the honor to host the annual Quantum Effects in Biological Systems Workshop covering the latest developments in quantum phenomena in biological systems and chemical structures central to life. The meeting was held June 29th – July 3rd 2013 at the Bio Center Campus in Vienna. Pictures of the event can be requested from christoph[dot]goetz[at]imp[dot]ac[dot]at.